Walk in cooler – freezer

  • Used and new panels
  • Wall mount and side mount are possible
  • Outdoor and indoor
  • Different and personalized size available
  • 3 weeks delivery for new panels and compressor
  • 2 weeks for used one


Since 1990 our corporation is well-known for our walk-in cooler installation and design. Based in Vancouver in British Columbia our team of professionals in the restaurant and refrigeration industry can help you to develop your business. We can tailor a specific walk in refrigerator or freezer just for you. Indeed the panels are easily adjustable, and a vast range of material can be used for the panels, such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Everything is personalised to fit your expectation. Also we have a wide selection of compressors and evaporators for your walk-in cooler and freezer.

We can service your refrigerator and fix your walk-in cooler. Indeed all our workers are qualified and will provide you a quality work for a fair price. Our team is flexible, we can fix and install walk-in cooler in cities outside Vancouver such as Richmond, North Vancouver, Surrey, Delta and Burnaby.

If a walk in refrigerator is too big for you should check out our cooler and freezer range.
For a quote feel free to contact us by mail or call us at 604.255.1111- 604 445 4330