Nemco 3/8″ Easy Chopper Vegetable Dicer

Nemco 3/8″ Easy Chopper Vegetable Dicer


Nemco 56500-2

*1/2 & 3/4 blades available *

The Nemco 56500-2 3/8″ Easy Chopper II takes labor and cost out of your food prep operations. It’s fast, efficient, easy to use and easy to clean. Plus, it’s safer than a knife – and built to last. The Nemco Easy Chopper II is THE tool for salsa, pizza toppings, drink garnishes, and more. It uses an exclusive weighted handle and superior engineering for smooth, easy cutting in just one stroke. The extra-heavy handle on the Nemco 56500-2 Easy Chopper II does most of the chopping work for you, and it sits on a sturdy, lightweight aluminum base with four non-skid feet.



Nemco 3/8 Easy Chopper Vegetable Dicer

Overall Dimensions:
Depth: 10″
Width: 10″
Height: 20 1/2″