Moyer Diebele 351 HT Undercounter Dishwasher


Moyer Diebele 351 HT Undercounter Dishwasher

The Moyer Diebel 351HT is an Energy Star high temperature undercounter dishwasher with a 40°F rise booster heater. Each dishwashing cycle is 120 seconds long, giving the machine a total washing capacity of up to 30 rack per hour. The Moyer Diebel 351HT has an extra low water consumption, using only 0.85 gallons of water per rack. The minimum wash temperature is 150°F and the minimum rinse temperature is 180°F. It is also energy efficient, requiring only a 30 amp breaker for the 40° rise booster. The dishwasher includes two 20″‘x20″ racks, one peg and one flat.


Moyer Diebele 351 HT Undercounter Dishwasher

Main Specifications:
Voltage: 208V or 240V
Horsepower: 1 HP Motor
Capacity: 30 Racks per Hour
NSF and ETL Listed

Height: 331⁄2″
Width: 24″
Depth: 25″
Door Opening: 141⁄2″
Product Weight: 165 lbs.


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