EFI 27″ 1 Door Sandwich Prep Refrigerator

$1,650.00 $1,499.99

EFI 27″ 1 Door Sandwich Prep Refrigerator

High quality stainless steel cabinets. Lid allows easy access to food. Recessed handles. Adjustable/removable plastic coated wire shelves. Auto evaporation of defrosting water. Cold air circulation via fan for temperature balance.


Cabinet Construction – The exterior sides and front are covered in 24 Gauge, type 430 Stainless Steel.
The interior walls and doors are covered in 22 Gauge, type 430 Stainless Steel and the floors are covered in 24 Gauge, type 304 Stainless Steel.
The inside corners are rounded for easy cleaning.
The units come equipped with adjustable PVC coated shelves.
The entire unit is built using a high density Polyurethane insulation that is foamed in place.



EFI 27″ 1 Door Sandwich Prep Refrigerator

Doors – Recessed handles for smoother front and reduced space requirements.
The gasket is magnetized to provide easy removal for cleaning. Self-closing doors equipped with “stay open” feature when opened past 90 degrees.
Refrigeration – Oversized factory balanced system designed to hold 33 – 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
The refrigeration system uses R134A that is CFC and HCFC free.
Condensor unit is easily accessible for routine cleaning and maintenance.
Electrical – Units come factory wired and ready to connect with 115/60/1 phase, 15 amp dedicated plug and cord.