Blue Air 24″ Solid Door Back Bar Refrigerator

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Forced Air Cooling System. Back-mount Compressor. Black vinyl finish(B) or Stainless. Available Solid Door(B) or Glass Door(BG). Galvanized Interior and Stainless Steel Floor. High density & Eco-friendly CFC Free Insulation. Durable Gasket with easy replacement & Cleaning.



Blue Air 24″ Solid Door Back Bar Refrigerator

Refrigeration system is optimized to function between 32~40°F.
Available black vinyl finish [B, BG] or, stainless steel finish [S, SG].
Over sized high eefficiency refrigeration unit.
High density cell polyurethane insulation(CFC-Free)
Available double pane glass door unit [BG, SG].
Heavy duty stainless steel top.
Durable door gasket with easy replacement.
1″ Adjustable heavy duty PE coated wire shelves.
Interior light.
Door locks [B, S only].
Recessed door handle [B, S only].