With more than 30 years in the restaurant industry we know how crucial it is for you to have the best oven at the best price. Actually we have in our shop based in Vancouver an important range of new and used equipements that ally quality and reliability.

Our ovens are mostly convection oven because it is one of the best system available for professional uses. The furnace has a fan and exhaust system that blow and spray air around the food. This type of oven can work with electricity or natural gas/gas and propane.

We work with plenty of suppliers and brands, such as Garland, Doyon, Duke, Quest, DCS and Saturn.

Most of our selection are electric and natural gas oven but our team of experts can convert gas oven into propane, that is really interesting specially for food trucks that require propain use. Because we are specialised in restaurant equipments we have a range of specific ovens such as pizza and rotisserie ovens. We can also help you to increase your productivity with highly efficient pizza conveyor ovens that are definitely a plus for a pizzeria and Italian restaurants.

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